Natural Remedies For Lupus

The Mostly Ignored Natural Remedies For Lupus

Why Should You Consider Them?

Why are natural remedies for Lupus ignored?  After all millions of people world wide suffer from lupus and yet not much progress has been made in the medical field when it comes to effective lupus treatment. In fact the same medical treatments, strong drugs and surgery, have been pretty much unchanged for the last 50 years. However there has been a growing interest in Natural Remedies for Lupus and with good reason. They work! Natural Remedies for Lupus work because they address the root causes of lupus instead of masking the cause by treating the symptoms.

75 percent of the sufferers of lupus are women and that is no accident or stroke of fate. A women’s body is always in a state of flux with hormonal highs and lows from puberty through the child bearing years on into menopause. This is a tremendous stress on the immune system. No wonder the immune system gets confused and goes on the rampage. That is what lupus is, an overactive immune system attacking your own body!

Of course a percentage of men suffer from lupus also. And again, although it is a different kind, stress is a major contributor. A man’s immune system can also be overworked and turn on himself manifesting in lupus. The thing is natural remedies for Lupus work for both genders!

If you think about it for a minute it just makes sense. Natural Remedies for Lupus would be much better in creating over all health than risky surgery or making your body struggle with toxic prescription drugs. Our bodies were designed or evolved (which ever you believe) to respond to all natural treatments that will help, not hinder, the body in healing itself.

I am not saying to not see a doctor. If you have lupus or any other illness you should be under doctors care. Many doctors are willing to cooperate with you in your efforts to use natural remedies for Lupus if you let them know your wishes. If not, then find a qualified doctor who will.



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